Tribal Jewellery of Tripura

Tripura is famous for its incredible handicrafts and handmade costumes. The origin of the inhabitants was found related to the Chinese-Tibetan people who migrated through the mountains. The Tripuris are the major group among nineteen tribes and many subtribes of this state. Tripura has colorful cultures and authentic traditions that the people conserve through the heart. One can get a picture of this state’s customs through the costumes and jewelries used by the people till now. Among all the tribes of Tripura, Reang and Tripuri jewelries carry the essence of this hilly state.

Tripuri Jewelery

Coin Jewelries of Tripura

The jewelries of Tripura are very unique and are crafted by local people. These jewelries are always a favorite for all tourists. The jewelries are made of mainly bronze, silver and copper. The uniqueness of these jewelries is for the coin shaped designs. Coins of metals are made to form a necklace or earrings or anklets or even headbands. The coins are being decorated with ancient cultural descriptions in art form such as picture of Lord Shiva killing the cruel King Tripur. The women prefer to wear big and heavy bangles known as “Kara” for traditional occasions.

Tripura Tribal Jewelery

Animal horns and bones are also used for jewelry making. The jewelry designs also encrypt the relation between man and wild. For example, a necklace made in design of the Gaur buffalo head, or headbands made from animal bones. Many also use bird feathers to decorate the head bands. The Tripura Museum shows a collection of coin jewelries with then reigning king’s or kingdom’s history was sculpted. Plane and round heavy metal necklaces are worn by the Reang women. Nowadays in many of the jewelries the face of Goddess Tripurasundari is sculpted.

Bamboo and cane Jewelries of Tripura

Apart from the coin jewelries, there are the handmade bamboo and cane jewelries. The village craftsmen use their art to transform bamboos into various items such as bamboo bangles, bamboo earrings, cane trendy necklaces and many other articles. The bamboo earrings are very light weight and all the bamboo jewelries come in various attractive colors also.

Types of Tribal Tripuri Jewelery

For men

Tripuri men usually don’t prefer wearing jewelries. In specific occasions, some may wear metal rings along with headbands and belts made of coins. This attire looks great with the traditional costume. Occasionally men will wear a single “Kara” or bangle in one hand. Coin necklaces are also available for men in Chakma tribes.

Tripura Economy Enhancement

Jewelery for women in Tripura

The jewelries from Tripura are being exported throughout the country as well as abroad. The tourists who visit this North-eastern state also throngs for the shopping of tribal jewelries. This is helping to increase the financial growth curve of Tripura exponentially. Both the state and central government are looking forward to commercialize more and more the costumes and artefacts of Tripura. Visitors going to Tripura can get a collection of these jewels from the Tripura Government handloom shops or directly from the tribals in villages. Tribal jewelries of Tripura are now an evident inclusion in the “Junk Jewelries” available in all markets of our country.The native Tripuris have a lot of hope and positive attitude for their upcoming future in the country.
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