Things To Do In Tripura

Tripura is the smallest of the Seven Sisters of the North East and the third smallest state of India. It shares its border with Assam, Mizoram and neighboring country of Bangladesh. Although all the North Eastern states have a wide range of tourist attractions, yet till now tourism has not got a good chance to flourish.

Below are the top things to do when you visit Tripura:

Temple and Masjid Tour in Tripura

If you are visiting Tripura, there are a number of religious places that you can plan to visit. Most places are covered in a day trip or you can also stay there as there are many hotels and resorts available for lodging. The famous religious places one can visit include Jagannath Temple, Tripurasundari temple, and Kamala sagar temple, Unakoti, Buddha Shrine and Gedu Miar Masjid. A brief description of the religious places is below:

Tripurasundari Temple

Things to do in Tripura

This temple in Udaipur always tops the list. Constructed during 1501, in this Goddess Kali temple, there is a consistent flow of pilgrims throughout the year. You will find numerous tortoises, moving around, and no one harms them.

Jagannath Temple

Temples in Tripura

This is one of the four temples surrounding Ujjayanta Palace compound. This temple’s grand sculptured portico will remind you of a wedding-cake architecture painted in ice cream colors.

Kamala Sagar

Top Things to Do in Tripura

A few kilometers away from Agartala, at the Bangladesh border,  is a vast lake “Kamala Sagar” which is also famous for Goddess Kali temple also known as Kamaleshwari Temple.


Temples in Tripura

This is an auspicious spot to visit surrounded by mountains, 178kms from Agartala. There are 1 less than 1 crore sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made on the mountains. You cannot miss this historical wonder and definitely the waterfall. You can also visit Unakoti during the Ashakastami festival when there is a big fair held.

The Temple of 14 Gods

Temples in Tripura

This is a tribal temple with idols of heads of 14 Gods. Legend says these 14 Gods were 14 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their mother land. The names of the Gods were then kept as per 14 Hindu Gods names in a random manner. There is a big fair annually in this temple.

Gedu Miar Maszid

Masjids in Tripura

Auspicious looks with stone works and proficiently done architecture is worth visiting. The night views are very attractive.

Revisit History in Tripura

Recharge your knowledge bank if you are interested in historical places or archaeological facts, as there are couple of palaces and museums for you to explore in TRipura:

Neermahal Palace

Historical Tour in Tripura

This 1930 iconic palace of Tripura should always be on the “To visit” list for all tourists. This gorgeous red and white palace is situated shimmering, alone just in the center of the Rudra Sagar Lake.

Ujjayanta Palace

Palaces in Tripura

This strikingly beautiful, dome-capped palace is the centerpiece of Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. This whitewashed 1901 edifice was built by Tripura’s 182nd King.

Tripura Government Museum

This museum built in 1970 in Agartala has a variety of tribal articles on display along with handicrafts made from bamboo. It also has a large collection of artifacts recovered from excavation sites around Tripura that portray the neglected art and culture of this place.


Things to do in Tripura

This is an archaeological site in the Belonia subdivision of South Tripura district. Since 1927, many idols and sculptures of Hinduism and Buddhism have been excavated. Buddhist tourists from Southeast Asia and Japan often visit Pilak. Dalai Lama visited this place in 2007.

Explore Wildlife in Tripura

Wildlife in TRipura

The Northeastern part of India constitutes the baseline of the Himalayas; hence you will enjoy varied wildlife here. Tripura habitats various kinds of wildlife species like endangered spectacled monkeys as well as diverse flora and fauna. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary are important sanctuaries not to be missed in Tripura.

Sightseeing and Trekking in Tripura

Jampui Hills

Trekking in Tripura

Visit these hills that stretch from North till South with 10 small villages in between, during winter season, very well for sightseeing. The complete hill stretch will appear orange in color due to the overwhelming orange cultivation there. The hill ranges shelters Mizo and Reango tribes. While trekking you can visit the tribal local shops for refreshments or trekking gears and comfortable shoes.

Amusement in Tripura

Rose valley Amusement Park

Amusement in Tripura

Want to enjoy some thrill ride? Then visit Rose Valley Amusement park. You can also have fun in this amusement park, enjoy the water rides and experience the thrill rides as well. 

Nature Walk in Tripura

Nature Walks in Tripura

Tripura has some good nature parks to soothe your stressed mind. Have a nice walk or practice meditations there. You will be revitalized again with the fresh oxygen. Ravindra Kanan Park, Nehru Park and Kalapania Nature Park are full of greenery and tranquility to soothe your soul.

Enjoy the Cultural Side of Tripura

Festivals in Tripura

You can also attend the Rabindra-Nazrul festival during May, the boat race at Melaghar in August and the Orange and Tourism festival in Jampui during November.

Shopping in Tripura

Shopping in Tripura

After all sightseeing, trekking and amusement park activities, now at last time has come to go for some shopping! You will get a wide range of articles to carry from Tripura and that will fit in your pocket also. Tripura is famous for its bamboo and cane work. Things that are worth buying and exclusive to Tripura are bamboo and cane room dividers, floor mats, panels for walls, furniture, table mats and various other gift items.

Woven fabrics are also renowned in Tripura. These are good quality fabrics with reasonable price. You can also get a collection of the Tribal jewelries here like coin made necklaces, bamboo earrings, bangles and other items.

Food to devour in Tripura

Tripura Cuisine

You can enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties of dishes in Tripura. Food is mildly spicy and finger licking tasty. Staple food of this state is rice, fish and vegetables. Mui Borok is the name of the traditional tribal cuisine of Tripura. They prepare dry and fermented fish without oil to make it healthy. The dry fishes are known as Berma or shutki in local language. Other dishes you can try include fish and meat curries, stews prepared in bamboo shoots, pork dishes and momos. Some of the popular dishes are Chawki, Gudok, Champrai, Khalok, Utmai and Chuak- rice beer. Restaurants like Abhishek, Ginger and Shankar are good for food.

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