Entertainment in Tripura

The state of Tripura gives very little opportunity to the people in the form of entertainment options. However, you will still not find anybody complaining as the people can find entertainment in various other forms like dance and music, shopping or sports activities.

Cinema in Tripura

Rupasi Cinema hall

Cinema is one of the most important source of entertainment. Agartala in Tripura has the Rupasi cinema hall where one can go enjoy a good movie.

Rupasi Cinema hall
147, Mantri Bari Road,
Near (Big Bazaar)
Phone No.: 0381- 2326529
To book tickets in Rupasi, go here

Shopping in Tripura

Tripura is known for excellent hand woven cotton fabrics. Tourists can also pick up finest weaving and cane and bamboo products, tribal jewellery from the Tripura markets in Agartala, Dharmanagar, Udaipur and Kailashahar. Handicraft products are a very strong unique product of this place and hence one must never not shop handicraft products here in Tripura. There are a lot of handicrafts emporiums and stores where one can explore these.

Some of the places in Tripura where one can go for shopping are as follows:
    Agartala City Center

    Agartala City Center

      Big Bazaar
      Mantribari Road,

        Khumulung Shopping Complex

          Hari Ganga Basak Road
          Phone No.: 0381 238 1965

            Metro Baazar
            Aitorma Agartala Sentrum
            Sakuntala Road,
            Phone No.: 085750 20163

              ML Plaza

              Newspapers in Tripura

              • Dainik Sambad
              • Dainik Arohan
              • Syandan Patrika
              • Tripura Darpan
              • Tripura Times
              • Ajker Fariad
              • Daily Desher Katha
              • Manush Patrika
              • Tripura Observer
              • Shokalbela
              • Tripura Samay

              Dance and Music in Tripura

              Entertainment in Tripura
              Dance and music is another most important part of entertainment of the people. The tribal communities of Tripura have their special folk dances which includes Hozagiri dance, Garia , Jhum, Maimita, Masak Sumani and Lebang boomani , Bizu dance, and many more. The music used in Tripura are 'Khamb (Drum)', Bamboo flute, 'Lebang,', 'Sarinda', 'Do- Tara', and 'Khengrong'.

              Sports Activity in Tripura

              Entertainment in Tripura

              Engaging in sports activity is another major source of entertainment. Tripura is a land full of traditional games and sports. The traditional game of Tripura is called Thwgmung. It is common in almost all the clans in Tripura. The youth of Tripura are very fond of their traditional games and sports. Football is another popular game amongst the people that they like to enjoy watching and playing. People here are also fond of trekking and also tourist love to go up those hills and peaks here in Tripura. Good trekking trails are available here in Tripura in Betalongchhip and Jampui Hills.
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